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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens once I complete my purchase?
    Once you complete your purchase, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to download your Unique Color Palette file. You will also get immediate access to our Color Installation Guide with video instructions showing you how to install and apply your color palette. If you have already purchased your template bundle, you’ll be able to start using your new color palette with your assets right away. If you haven’t purchased your template bundle yet, you will want to do that right after you’ve secured your color palette so that you can purchase the corresponding Template Collection.
  • Do I get any templates when I purchase a color palette?
    Nope! Your color palette purchase gives you access to a professionally curated master color theme that plugs into your templates. You will purchase your templates separately from our Template Shop.
  • What if I need help picking the right color palette for me?
    We can help! Option 1: The "Find Your Colors" Workshop (Self-Study Option) This is a fun and easy-to-follow workshop designed to help you confidently build your signature color profile in 60 minutes or less using our proprietary “Blind Test”. Option 2: The Color Consultation (Done-For-You Option) This is a private Consultation Call during which we will help you identity your signature brand colors using the process and principles from the "Find Your Colors" Workshop. You will answer a series of introspective questions that will help us identify the colors that best represent your brand energy and support your business goals. Then we will either make a recommendation for the best Premium Palette from our Color Shop to support your Color Profile or we'll create a custom color palette made just for you.
  • Do I need PowerPoint to access these color palettes?
    Umm, do you really need to ask? You know we’re all about PowerPoint up in here. So, yes, you will absolutely need PowerPoint (the desktop version) to access and install these gorgeous color palettes 🎨 We'll supply the step-by-step video tutorials to make it easy, peasy!
  • How do these color palettes plug into the templates?
    It literally takes one (1) click. See it in action here.
  • Can I mix and match color palettes with different collections?
    Nope! Each color palette is built specifically for the collection it is intended for. If you were to buy a Bold & Brave color palette and plug it into a Hustle & Heart template, you will likely end up with a visually unpleasant mish mash of colors that won’t look good. That being said, if you haven’t purchased your template bundle yet, hold off until you purchase your color palette first so that you can be sure to buy the corresponding template collection.
  • Can I plug different color palettes into the same templates and use them for different brands/businesses?
    Yes you may! If you want to use your same templates for a second business/brand and you need a different color palette that matches your existing templates, you are absolutely welcome to do so.
  • Is it really true that when I buy one of these palettes, you will take it off the market?
    That’s right! It’s our “No Copycat Guarantee”. We will blast a big “SOLD” sign across your color palette and take it off the market so that no one else can purchase it after you!
  • Can I customize these color palettes to fit my needs?
    Absolutely, if you find a color palette that hits all the marks but you need to swap in a different shade of one of the colors to make it a perfect match, you can absolutely do that. And we’ve got videos to show you how to do it.
  • Can I use these color palettes to update my website with my new colors?
    Heck yeah! We provide the HEX codes for each color in your color palette so you can simply send that to your web designer and ask them to update your website with your new colors. Or, if you’re DIY-ing, you can plug your color codes into your website builder and update your website in just a few clicks!
  • Can I buy one of these color palettes now even if I’m not yet ready to make the full investment in the Digital Brand Kit templates?
    Absolutely! If you’re not ready to make the full investment in Digital Brand Kit yet but you know you'll want to have your own unique color palette and you wanna call dibs on your chosen color palette now before someone else snags it, we would definitely encourage you to do that!
  • What if I’ve already purchased my Digital Brand Kit templates?
    These Premium Color Palettes plug right into your existing templates. Simply choose a color palette that matches the template collection you already purchased and you’ll be able to plug your new color theme into the assets you already have!
  • What if the color palette I’m in love with doesn’t match the collection I already purchased?
    Then we’ve got a discount code with your name on it. Literally! We will send you a 30% OFF personalized discount code that only you can use to purchase any bundle of your choice and get the template collection that matches your desired color palette. Discount codes are for existing customers only and cannot be transferred to another party. Your discount code will be issued after you purchased your selected color palette and is valid for any of our 3 bundle packages. Simply email us at with your receipt and we will get you sorted out asap.
  • Are the demo images included with the color palettes?
    The images shown in the demo samples from the Color Catalog do not come with your premium color palette purchase. Your templates do, however, come loaded with our standard, expertly curated and royalty-free stock imagery. You are responsible for swapping in your headshots and brand imagery to match your color palette. Don’t worry, it’s super easy and we’ve got videos to show you how to do it!
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